2D Obstacle Course Assignment – Part 1

As the title states, this is part 1. This is Part 1 of a two part thing, where I am going to be, first; explaining my assignment and then explaining the choices I’m making, and second; showing rough sketches and maybe rough animation, as well as a keyed out image of my assignment.

So without further ado; Part 1.

Hey everyone, I’d like to inform you that we have officially moved onto our next assignment in Studio 1 at SAE (have I even mentioned the name of the class before? I can’t remember haha) and said assignment is to animate a character through an obstacle course, animating the movement to mimic any known character with distinct movement. This can either be in 2D or 3D, and (quite obviously) I have chosen 2D.

So who am I animating (or movement style am I animating)? Answer: I don’t know… yet. You see, I can’t decide between two characters. SOOO! I decided, why not research them both, then hopefully I can decide after that.

Which two characters I hear you ask?

Papyrus from Undertale

Obelix from Asterix and Obelix

To be noted: No, I will NOT be animating Dogmatix with Obelix.

First off, lets look at Papyrus. He’s a skeleton, that doesn’t effect much, but since his in game sprite is pixel art, I don’t have much to work with from there. But from game dialogue it can be noted that he is a confident perso_ *hem hem* skeleton who is proud of the fact that he is being taught by the Captain of the Royal Guard. Now this I can work with. In fact, others already have. Here are two examples of a Papyrus walk cycle that others have made (please ignore Sans in the first gif (or coo over him if you really want to)):


First gif was from Tumbr. The second image off of DeviantArt.

In both gifs (sans Sans) he is walking with a cheerful, confident march. And for a long, lanky boned skeleton, I would imagine that he runs with his torso flat forward, using his long legs to his advantage. There is also… another gif… that I COULD make use of.



Obelix is a Gaul, during the time of the Roman invasion of Gaul (now France). He’s tall, portly, and more often than not, he carries a menhir around. He isn’t the brightest person in his village, mostly just bumbling around. Luckily for me, Asterix and Obelix have been animated in several movies and there is a walk cycle on YouTube.


I don’t know how to display videos on my blog…. so if someone could comment and help, that would be amazing.

In the walk cycle, Obelix has his hands clasped behind his back, it is easy enough to adjust his arms to carry a menhir on his back. Obelix has a kind of slow lazy gait, laid back and unrushed. In the comics he’s also known to use his menhir to pass by obstacles. When Obelix runs, he is leaning backwards, with a hand on his helmet.


Well, with all of this, I need to decide between two really cool characters. Papyrus or Obelix. Boy do I have a choice to make. Vote, debate, please, I enjoy reading comments.

And thank-you for reading this post~



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