Reflective Blog Task -Your Professional Identity

It is now reaching the end of the twelfth week of trimester, and next week, week thirteen, is last week of trimester. It has been an… interesting trimester to say the least, with two CIU classes and Production 1, insanity might be a good way of describing it all. And at the end of this twelfth week I find myself reflecting on the very first week of trimester. The quote “I open at the close”, from Harry Potter, comes to mind, but I suppose that isn’t exactly correct… more like I close at the ‘open’. Week one’s lecture was about an overview of our module for the trimester, as well as “your professional identity”. Barring the overview, I wish to reflect on my professional identity as well as what professional identity means.

In the first online lecture, it was made very clear that throughout the thirteen weeks we would be learning skills that would assist us in interacting with industry practitioners and future employees. The online lecture kept comparing all the disciplines of SAE Qantm, showing us how they were the same. One thing that really stood out to me in the lecture was the heading “no future”. Underneath this heading is a singular paragraph talking about how it is common for people working in new media to not be able to imagine their future. I must say, that I have no clue where my knowledge in animation will take me, nor do I know what I want to do with it. I enjoy animation a lot, and over the Christmas/New Year break, I know that I will be continuing to play around with Adobe Flash/Animate and Adobe After Effects. Eventually I hope to write a novel then animate the scenes in it, so the story may come to life, but for now that it but simply a dream.

For the classroom lecture for the first week, our lecturer asked us how we would respond to certain scenarios online. These questions were interesting and certainly made the whole class stop and think. One question, which I’m almost sure has been a recurring question several times in the past twelve weeks, was “what kind of person do you want to be seen as online?” My answer to this question? I want my online presence to reflect me and who I really am, I don’t want to hide behind false identities. My pen-names should just be an extension of me not an entirely new me.

frostieheart-logoWith this answer comes the question – how should I act? What is my ‘Professional Identity’? Hard question, and my answer is; I don’t know yet, at one point I might of said that my ‘identity’ is Icetail of WindClan – Meta-If (that is WAY too long) more recently I might tell you that FrostieHeart is my identity or perhaps I’d claim that my name is Renée Anastasia (comment to ask the meaning behind that name – interesting story how I came to use the name). Last year during my final term of grade 12 I would have answered with “FrostieHeart Design” and then proceed to tell you about my Media studies assignment, where we had to build a brand and website for ourselves. It was never of course published, though I did consider setting the logo I created as my DeviantArt ID. Most of these names do not have or are losing their connection to me and fading away from my identity. Reasons for this can be, in the case of FrostieHeart design, just an assignment and meant nothing to me in the first place, or just a name that used to mean something, but isn’t apart of who I am anymore. I did touch on previous pennames in my last blog post where I spoke briefly on how they were once related to me.

There are many things that I need to work out, both about myself and my art, before I can start to work out my Professional Identity. I am still a student in a Bachelor’s degree in Animation, trying out new techniques and improving my own art style. It is highly likely that my identity will change many times before I settle on one solid identity, and even after I find that identity, I know that it will continue to evolve.

This concludes my final reflective blog post, but that hardly concludes this blog. I hope you marvelous readers will continue to read and support my blog for as long as I post on it.

Until next time!


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2 thoughts on “Reflective Blog Task -Your Professional Identity

  1. Kurt says:

    Hey Icetail! This is very insightful, and quite thought provoking. It makes me think about the social identities I’ve gone through and moved on from. A couple of which are quite cringe worthy XD But thank you for sharing 🙂

    P.s. Okay, I’ll bite. What’s the story about Renée Anastasia? 😛


    • icetail38 says:

      Hmm… I meant to reply sooner, but other stuff came up and I forgot. Forgive me for that.

      Thanks for leaving your comment, it is much appreciated. I’m glad that my blog post was informative. I can think of a few cringe worthy names that I have come up with in my time as an Author, though I file them away for later, just in case I do decide to use them.

      The story behind Renée Anastasia is quite interesting actually. When I was creating a character for a fanfiction story I wanted to give my OC a name with the same initials as my name, so I came up with the name Renée Anastasia Blackflower. At the time I had no clue what the names “Renée” and “Anastasia” meant, but the character who I had given the name to was meant to be a reincarnation of her former self. Eventually I used the same name again, two trimesters ago in MDU111 for my script actually, where I used somewhat the same premise, where Renée Anastasia is a ghost investigating her own death, and I finally researched the meanings behind the two names I had chosen. Renée means ‘rebirth’ and Anastasia means ‘resurrection’ (or in the movie Anastasia ‘she will rise again’). I was laughing for a full hour afterwards having discovered that I had unintentionally given my character the most perfect name.

      Renée Anastasia is actually a fake name that I use a lot, I have a Facebook account under the name. I simply love the name, and strangely enough, I can sign my signature as Renée Anastasia better than my actual signature (which is weird, but just goes to show that I need to practice my signature).

      Thanks once again for commenting!


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