Been Quite a While

Hello to everyone reading this post. It appears that I have a few things to apologise for.

First off – I must apologise for not pointing anything since July. I have been wanting to pos more, but I still feel inexperienced when it comes to blogging something that isn’t required for assignments. I will try to post something more soon, such as updates from my DeviantArt page or my account. That will most likely come sometime nearer to Christmas.

Secondly – I feel the need to apologise for not sharing my progress with my Animation course. This of course stems off me not posting anything, but I still feel the need to apologise for it none the less.

From these apologies, I will endure to post more on this blog and be more active with social media. It might take me a while to get back into social media as I have had bad experiences with it in the past, but if you want to drop me a note or comment on DeviantArt, a PM or review of my stories on, or tweet me on my new Twitter account I will make sure to respond to you as soon as I can.

To make up for 5 months of inactivity I shall share some of my recent activities on my DeviantArt and accounts.

On DeviantArt I have joined two roleplay groups, Ottokis and Wolves of Swyncoast, both of which revolve around art roleplay, though Wolves of Swyncoast is far more casual. I have also recently rearranged all the folders in my Gallery of my DA account, my most recent folder being called “Project: Mad Max Opening Revamp”, which doesn’t have anything in it at current though I will be posting stuff in it soon. It is a folder for all the assets that I am making for my Production 1 (ANI111) assessment, where in a group we have to take a famous movie and give it an opening credit sequence in the style of another movie. My group received Mad Max with our style being Any Human Heart. Below is my concept story board that I drew up and gave to my group leader for her opinion. The description for this image can be found here.

I have also opened up commissions on my DeviantArt profile, currently only dealing in points. Please feel free to check them out too.

c__ocean_wings_cover_by_aileen_rose-dadjqrj.pngWith my fanfiction, I have two stories which I am actively working on at current; Yuki no Hana, which is currently being updated on only, and Ocean Wings, which is currently exclusive to DeviantArt. I will be posting both stories on FF.N and DA eventually, but only after I have finished both. To the left is the cover which I commissioned for Ocean Wings, off the very talented Aileen-Rose.

With all this in mind I must now go prepare my next blog post – which is a task for my assessment. Please feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts. I might take to replying to anonymous reviews via this blog instead of at the start of my chapters on I hope you will all forgive my inactivity these past months. I shall endeavour to be more active.

Many thanks!

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