A Word From The Author

Hello to my followers and everyone else who stumbles across this blog!

I wanted to say thanks for reading my blog, and to the people who have followed me; thanks for doing so. Yes, I know five isn’t a big number for some, but it is for me. My first blog site that I made years ago, I didn’t really like, and I had no experience with blogging at all, whatsoever. When I was told to make this blog, I never expected it to get any views apart from my classmates in my uni course, let alone any followers. And I didn’t expect to enjoy blogging as much as I have.

I hope you’ll stick around as I post more stuff, half related to my animation course, and half just general fanworks that I have made, seeing the view count on my posts go up makes me happy, and seeing comments on my posts is amazing. Every view and comment makes this worth it. Thanks once again for viewing my blog!



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