Reflective Task – Review of Independent Media

The last task for my blog posts in CIU110 is to review a piece of independent media. I chose to review the work-in-progress game “Yandere Simulator” by YandereDev.

yandere sim logo

Before I get into this review I must point out that the game ‘Yandere Simulator’ is in no way complete, as its creator YandereDev continuously points out, what is currently available is a debug sandbox build to allow people to test out the features of this game and report back problems. There is no way to win this game at present.

yandere sim


‘Yandere Simulator’ is a work-in-progress game based around the idea of the Japanese character trait of Yandere, who is generally a female character who obsessively loves someone, enough to kill. These characters are deranged and mentally unstable. The main character of Yandere Simulator, currently known as Yandere-chan, or Ayano Aishi, is such a character. She is obsessed with the character who is her Senpai, currently called Taro Yamada. The game revolves around the world of Yandere-chan as the player controls her, trying to win Senpai’s affections by keeping away his other potential girlfriends, who are Yandere-chan’s rivals. YandereDev has stated that the finished game will take place over a time period of ten weeks, with each week having a new rival for Yandere-chan to eliminate. Should the player fail to eliminate the rival before the Friday of the week they appear, the rival will confess their love to Senpai and the game will be over. The ways of eliminating the rival will eventually range from murder to a much more peaceful matchmaking.

All up, the idea for this game is great. It has its complexities and makes the game have an interesting feel. The idea for a stealth game based in a high school is amazing, it is on par with other steath games, such as Assassins Creed or Hitman. The high school setting makes it very unique, and potentially harder, as the player will be trying to avoid the detection of teachers, students, and most importantly; Senpai. Should you be discovered by any of the aforementioned characters, committing murder, covered in blood, carrying a weapon or visibly insane, you will suffer consequences that more often than not, result in Yandere-chan becoming heartbroken because Senpai noticed her, or apprehended because she was caught, causing Game Over.

osana najimi

Osana Najimi – Planned first rival of the game

The animation in this game so far is smooth and, even though incomplete, fits every action that Yandere-chan is doing. While there are quite obviously many animations missing from the game, what is there already starts to tie the game together.

This game is about being a teenage school girl, stalking her upperclassman trying to sabotage his love life from the shadows to become his girlfriend. YandereDev has stated many times that the whole game will be affected by your decisions. It is not meant to be an easy game, as YandereDev said, it should be very hard to get away with murder, and that is what makes this game interesting.

All up this game has some very good ideas that, if developed properly, will turn into an amazing finished product. YandereDev is doing a good job working on this game, and there it is certain that he will release more great updates for the sandbox build of this game for players to test for bugs.


To find out more about Yandere Simulator head here:


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