A Word From The Author

Hello to my followers and everyone else who stumbles across this blog!

I wanted to say thanks for reading my blog, and to the people who have followed me; thanks for doing so. Yes, I know five isn’t a big number for some, but it is for me. My first blog site that I made years ago, I didn’t really like, and I had no experience with blogging at all, whatsoever. When I was told to make this blog, I never expected it to get any views apart from my classmates in my uni course, let alone any followers. And I didn’t expect to enjoy blogging as much as I have.

I hope you’ll stick around as I post more stuff, half related to my animation course, and half just general fanworks that I have made, seeing the view count on my posts go up makes me happy, and seeing comments on my posts is amazing. Every view and comment makes this worth it. Thanks once again for viewing my blog!


Reflective Task – Review of Independent Media

The last task for my blog posts in CIU110 is to review a piece of independent media. I chose to review the work-in-progress game “Yandere Simulator” by YandereDev.

yandere sim logo

Before I get into this review I must point out that the game ‘Yandere Simulator’ is in no way complete, as its creator YandereDev continuously points out, what is currently available is a debug sandbox build to allow people to test out the features of this game and report back problems. There is no way to win this game at present.

yandere sim


‘Yandere Simulator’ is a work-in-progress game based around the idea of the Japanese character trait of Yandere, who is generally a female character who obsessively loves someone, enough to kill. These characters are deranged and mentally unstable. The main character of Yandere Simulator, currently known as Yandere-chan, or Ayano Aishi, is such a character. She is obsessed with the character who is her Senpai, currently called Taro Yamada. The game revolves around the world of Yandere-chan as the player controls her, trying to win Senpai’s affections by keeping away his other potential girlfriends, who are Yandere-chan’s rivals. YandereDev has stated that the finished game will take place over a time period of ten weeks, with each week having a new rival for Yandere-chan to eliminate. Should the player fail to eliminate the rival before the Friday of the week they appear, the rival will confess their love to Senpai and the game will be over. The ways of eliminating the rival will eventually range from murder to a much more peaceful matchmaking.

All up, the idea for this game is great. It has its complexities and makes the game have an interesting feel. The idea for a stealth game based in a high school is amazing, it is on par with other steath games, such as Assassins Creed or Hitman. The high school setting makes it very unique, and potentially harder, as the player will be trying to avoid the detection of teachers, students, and most importantly; Senpai. Should you be discovered by any of the aforementioned characters, committing murder, covered in blood, carrying a weapon or visibly insane, you will suffer consequences that more often than not, result in Yandere-chan becoming heartbroken because Senpai noticed her, or apprehended because she was caught, causing Game Over.

osana najimi

Osana Najimi – Planned first rival of the game

The animation in this game so far is smooth and, even though incomplete, fits every action that Yandere-chan is doing. While there are quite obviously many animations missing from the game, what is there already starts to tie the game together.

This game is about being a teenage school girl, stalking her upperclassman trying to sabotage his love life from the shadows to become his girlfriend. YandereDev has stated many times that the whole game will be affected by your decisions. It is not meant to be an easy game, as YandereDev said, it should be very hard to get away with murder, and that is what makes this game interesting.

All up this game has some very good ideas that, if developed properly, will turn into an amazing finished product. YandereDev is doing a good job working on this game, and there it is certain that he will release more great updates for the sandbox build of this game for players to test for bugs.


To find out more about Yandere Simulator head here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/about/

Blog Task – Curation Activity

Hello! I’ve been tasked to share some of my curated content for to this blog. I hope you don’t mind. I decided to share my favourites page from my DeviantArt account and my Quotes board from my Pinterest account.

I love art. And I love seeing other people’s art. DeviantArt, in my opinion, is the best place to share your own art, keep a collection of your favorite art, and discuss art with other artists. In my favourites list I have many folders to sort each of the images, and pieces of literature that I have liked from other artists.


Over the short period of time that I have had Pinterest, I have collected a stack of quotes. Inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, quotes from my favourite games, movies, anime and books, and quotes that just connect with me. They are a fuel for my inspiration, giving me ideas for stories and pictures of my own.

Blog Task – Future Predictions for Media

Recently, I went to the cinema to watch ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ with my mum. While there we noticed how many empty seats there were. This made me wonder, how often are movie theatres almost empty these days? How often does is the theatre empty when a movie is shown? While the next logical question from there would be; does the theatre even play the movie if there is no one there to watch it, that is not important. What the important thing is this; I predict that the popularity of cinema is falling.

Warcraft movie poster

Why do I say this? Well for first things,  movies from smaller producers aren’t as well advertised anymore. I saw no trailers for the Warcraft movie unless I went searching for them. I’ve seen plenty of ads on YouTube that are trailers for Marvel movies and movies from other big studios like Dreamworks, but nothing for Warcraft. Around websites with third-party advertisement, I only once did I see an ad that was for Warcraft. I love the game World of Warcraft, and I love trying to find out everything about the game I can, but I can say that I didn’t know that this movie even existed before my mother showed me the trailer that she had managed to find. With a monopoly on advertisment, smaller studios don’t get as much publication.

Angry Birds movie posterThis brings me to my next point; the length of time some movies stay in cinemas for and how often screening are. The Angry Birds movie is only shown in Event Cinemas in Australia  at around 9:30am each morning, and not showing at all in some cinemas.  This makes getting to movies hard, since with only one screening a day,while might encourage fuller cinemas, doesn’t give people many options to work with. Traffic issues can cause people to be late for screenings, and can also discourage people from wanting to watch movies at the cinema.

Another point I would like to bring up is Netflix. Netflix has its own original programming which has started adding movies to its lists. These movies don’t get released in cinema, therefore subtracting from the appeal of going to the cinema to watch movies. While not movies like Marvel or DC cinematic universes or Star Wars, it can only be assumed that eventually those aforementioned movies, or movies like them, will eventually become available on Netflix  or other web streaming providers. Why would someone go to the cinemas when they can just stream the movie at home?

Piracy_Its_A_Crime_WideAnd this brings me to my final point; piracy.  Downloading illegal copies of a movie for free.  Why waste money going to the cinemas to view something you can get for free later once it has been placed on a piracy website?  A sad but true that is that, yes, people do breach copyright laws just to save some money and watch their favourite movies. It’s a crime, (as the picture states) but some people don’t care. And it’s piracy that is killing the popularity of cinemas the most.

With all these pain made, I wish to reiterate what I stated before; I predict that in the near future, the popularity of cinemas will die. The price of watching movies at the cinema will increase and further discourage people from going, and the theatre’s seats will be emptier.It is strange to see the popularity of cinema fall after growing up around people always talking about when they will next go to see a movie. Not many people have conversation like that anymore, only talking about what the newest model of smartphone is or what the latest game releases are.  But this is the way that cinema popularity is falling. Perhaps in fifteen years its popularity will rise again.