Animation: Pirates Gold Advertisement

Hello to my readers. Yeah the title of this post is stupid, sorry about that. Also I’m sorry that I’m not posting as often. Maybe I’ll post some of my drawings that I have to fill my visual art journal for my drawing module if I have time.

So as the title of this post suggests, I am posting about an animation. The second assessment for my 3D animation module. The task was to produce a finished animated advertisement for a Pirates Gold game. Most of the assets were already finished for the assessment. The chest for the scene had to be modelled from scratch, textured and then complied with the rest of the scene. Then lights had to be added to the scene, as well as the animation, which then got rendered into a sequence of images. These images then got thrown into Adobe Premiere Pro, added title screens and music, and exported into MPEG4 format in HD quality.

Modelling the Chest

Chest Base 1Chest Base 2

Modelling the chest was easy, but there were some problems with my mouse, where it stopped moving while I was moving vertices, edges and faces.

Chest Lid 1Chest Lid 2Chest Lid 3Model Fin

UV Mapping

Unwrapping the model was hard, and the unwrap didn’t seem to work until I followed tutorials that showed me where I needed to the model to get the planes to flatten onto the UV map.

UV Mapping 2UV Mapping 3UV Mapping 4



The texturing of the chest was fun. I noticed in Adobe Photoshop where some of the UVs were almost too close, forcing me to be more careful while using my brush and eraser tools when drawing textures. When I placed the stars on the chest lid, I inspired by the DLC episode in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, where pink stars are a part of two character’s designs.


Animating the Scene

After the texture gets added to the Chest, it and the rest of the assets were added to a new scene and then animated. Unfortunately I forgot to screenshot this while I was doing it, so when I loaded it on a different device my textures were missing. I kept the animation simple, since it is my first 3D animation.



The rendering of this project took three days approximately, with the project being rendered using two computers. The render farm got the project rendered in half the time it would have taken on a single computer. I forgot to take a screenshot of this part of the project.

Compiling the Video

In the compiling of all the video aspects, I had trouble with Adobe Premiere Pro, in which when I imported the image sequence the images were out of order. My lecturer managed to help me fix that problem. The music used in the video is from The Secret of Monkey Island, by LucasArts.

Compiling 1Compiling 2Compiling 3

All in all, the creation of this video was fun. It makes me eager to learn more. In a side note; I wish to post the video into this post, or maybe a different post, but I don’t know how. Is it like adding images? If you know the answer to this question could you please comment on this post?