Blog Task – Pre-Production & 3D Modeling

Pre-Production is the term used to describe the steps taken to prepare everything for a film’s production. This includes scouting for shoot locations, wardrobe preparations (including props), identifying special effects, drawing a production schedule, constructing sets, and finalising and looking over the script.

story_board 9272077422_428a72b862_b

It gives a look into where the directors want the project to go, giving them clear goals and letting them plan to fit their budget and timeframe.

3D Modeling is just making a figure in a three-dimentional form, but the term is used only when refering to computer generated models. 3D Modeling is the process that turns a primitive object, for example – a box, into a more complex object, such as a castle fortress. It relies on wireframes and polygon faces to create and hold the object’s shape.


Programs, such as 3DsMax by AutoDesk, are built for 3D modeling and rendering, with simple, easy-to-learn interfaces, letting animators create their models, rigs and animation loops with ease.

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